How Counselling Works

Counselling is suitable for most people, regardless of their age, race, culture, gender and previous counselling experiences. Counselling is first and foremost about you and how you are in your own world.

New Dawn Counselling uses a step by step approach to encourage and enable the individual to investigate and explore how they feel and where those thoughts and feelings come from. Your therapist will work alongside you at your pace in a supportive and empowering way, whilst ensuring you develop a greater understanding and acceptance of yourself.

Even the most articulate and experienced of therapists is challenged when trying to explain what happens in the counselling room that creates change, fulfilment, choices, a sense of relief, freedom from the shackles that bind and unfortunately, there are times when counselling doesn’t have the desired effect, when it doesn’t work out; when somehow the bond between therapist and client isn’t strong enough to withstand the differences between two humans, or its not safe enough for the client to fully invest and trust, perhaps, or that is as far as the client can go for now.

Whatever happens it is the trusting relationship that occurs in the counselling room that can provide extremely powerful and productive ways of tackling unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours. That somehow two head ARE better than one! There are no guarantees with therapy, no quick fixes, but if you want it and believe in it, feeling better is not only within your power but within your reach.