Life Coaching in Sutton Coldfield

Life coaching differs from counselling in several ways. The most apparent is that coaching has different boundaries to counselling. A typical counsellor/ client relationship would mean that the roles were very firm and structured, that the counsellor offers little to nothing in the way of self disclosure, advice or support and contact is rare outside of the 50 minute weekly sessions.

Coaching is more fluid and flexible in this respect, the sessions can be face to face, via telephone or e mail or a combination of the 3, they can last a day or 10 minutes, they can take place in the counsellors rooms, the clients home or somewhere else that is mutually agreeable to the parties involved.

Coaching tends to have specific goals that the client is working towards with the encouragement of the coach. As with counselling, coaching enables and empowers, but will also suggest, refocus and guide.

Coaching is usually sought when a person feels they would benefit from support, guidance, structure and motivation.

Life coaching aims to uncover a persons’ innate potential. It looks to develop what is already there not impose alien ideas or beliefs.

A coach will encourage you to reflect on your beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are already present, not direct you away from them. They will listen, without judgement, to what is being said and importantly what is not being said. Coaching is about fitting in with your individuals needs, allowing for personal growth at a pace you dictate.

The coach focuses on listening and using what the client wants, ‘hearing’ their verbal and non verbal language.