Person Centred Therapy

Also known as 'client centred' or 'Rogerian' after it's creator Carl Rogers. The counselling process is totally client led, meaning that the counsellor is non-directive and utterly non judgemental. It is this unconditional positive regard from the counsellor that allows the client to feel safe enough to express their inner most thoughts and feelings, feelings they may otherwise feel uncomfortable with or judged for. This enables the client to view themselves as a whole person with the power, ability and right to change what dissatisfies them.

Person Centred counselling is ideal for those who wish to explore themselves and their feelings. Those who would like their counsellor to offer advice, diagnose their feelings or analyse their psyches would be better suited to a different theoretical approach. Clients with a specific pattern of behaving or relating that they would like to investigate may benefit from an approach that uses the essential core conditions of Person Centred Therapy; Emapthy, Congruence and Unconditional Positive Regard mixed with other therapeutic techniques.